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The Stone City Colony and Art School

  During the summers of 1932 and 1933, Grant Wood created the Stone City Colony and Art School. The Colony was headquartered in the large, limestone mansion of the Green Estate, overlooking Stone City.
  The “Stone City Art Colonies” research project has culminated into a fantastic web site.  If you are an art or history buff, or if you are a fan of Grant Wood, this web site will provide you with some of the most interesting information ever accumulated on this topic.

   This project has uncovered heretofore unknown information about the lives of nearly all of the eighty or so participants in the 1932 colony.  The researcher, Kristy Raine of Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has gathered what would have been, for most people, an almost overwhelming amount of information regarding the people that you will read about at
The Stone City Art Colony and School.
Stone City Colony artists at work
   There was a lot of art produced by the attendees of this colony.  Many of the artists became very well known, at least in “art circles.”  Read about all of them and identify some of the more famous ones.  See what Isabel Bloom looked like in 1932.  Learn many interesting facts about these people, some known and some obscure.
   If you know something about these people and you didn’t read about it in Kristy’s web pages, send her an email.  She will be happy to hear from you.  If for some reason you can’t send it to Kristy, send to the Grant Wood Art Gallery.
   I hope that you enjoy this phenomenal piece of work as much as I did.  Send your comments to Kristy at the address given in the material.  An “atta girl” wouldn’t hurt!
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